Arrow: State Vs Queen

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Arrow: State Vs Queen

Arrow: State Vs. Queen

Ok, so are you up to date? My husband came in part way into watching this week’s episode of Arrow and was confused to see The Count back with Vertigo. He thought I was watching an old episode, which would not be unusual. But, unfortunately, yes. The Count was back. It is just part of the story though. As the episode title tells us, we deal with the trial of Moira Queen and her part in the destruction of The Glades. It is a tough trial. Surprises pop up and we learn Moira’s secret. It is difficult to watch Laurel put into that position and walk a fine line between her job and her connection with the Queen family. You feel so bad for Laurel right now with all she is dealing with, that this pushes her over the edge. Her small chat with Oliver shows you that she is struggling even deeper, because personally, I couldn’t understand why she was THAT upset about the “trump card” and what she had to do for the case against Moira.

State v. Queen

Here is my one beef with the episode. I adore Felicity. I like Felicity with Oliver, almost as much as I like the Canary with Oliver. I like how Felicity is a strong, independent woman. She is super awesome at the tech stuff and can hack into pretty much anything. She helps Oliver and Dig find the location and details for just about anything they need. She is fearless, and will not back down. She is not afraid of stating her opinion, however she has seen her opinion and what she thought were strong beliefs questioned in her work with Arrow.

What blows me away is seeing her take initiative to go after information and put at risk. I don’t like to see women limited. I don’t think this show does that for the most part as we have great options that represent the strength and skill of women with the Canary and China White. I think they should have at least shown her fight back, put up a fight, surprise them, or something. I get they needed her ultimately captive to create the ending. However, she just played right into a victim role, which really doesn’t jive with her character normally.

The ending was a surprise, but not. What do you think? Were you surprised with the outcome of the trial? Or the surprise guest?

Arrow: Suicide Squad

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Arrow: Suicide Squad
Source: CW

Source: CW

We start off this episode of Arrow seeing more flashbacks, I have already accepted this is the norm. There are five years of island living to catch us up on, after all. This week’s flashbacks are more to show us Diggle. He gets more action outside the Sterling City crew. I am still just relieved to see Diggle around. Lila shows back up for a booty call, and Diggle and Lila get pulled into helping the world with a terrorist issue, thanks to Amanda Waller and Task Force X. Their team is made up of a crew of criminals, hence the name Suicide Squad as these criminals are considered expendable assets. Included in that criminal mix is Schrapnel, Bronze Tiger, and of course, Deadshot. I like seeing how they pulled out that relationship and give three characters further depth.

Diggle’s past and the mission

We get to see how Diggle and Lila met, alongside flashbacks of some of Diggle’s ghosts. They argue, work together, and challenge each other. You see why they split up, but that there is still feeling there. Their current adventure has them targeting a nerve agent in the basement of a terrorist that Diggle had saved from being killed while in military action. Qadir was in custody, but was released due to humanitarian work. He has well hidden his true agenda with arms and terrorism work. Suicide Squad members have bombs implanted in their heads that are used to control or destroy them – depending on if they take off on their own mission. We find this out because one of the team members does just that. Diggle once again saves Qadir, this time from a fake assassination attempt, which earns him an invite to Qadir’s home for a party. His team gets in posing as his security staff and Deadshot locates the nerve serum. It is much more than they were told, and they are instructed to leave Deadshot with eyes on the serum, but for the others to leave.

We find out that Amanda knew it was that much all along and planned to sacrifice Deadshot and use a drone to take it out. Diggle and Lila decide not to follow that plan. Diggle saves Deadshot and they clear out the party attendees before they are killed. We find out how the drone was tracing the area when the drone starts following them instead of taking out the home of Qadir.

Back in Sterling City

Otherwise known as Oliver and the triangle with the Lance girls. Sara and Oliver make a solid choice because they know each others’ demons and secrets. Their history makes so much more sense. She also knows his secret identity and works alongside him. Poor Felicity though, I just hope our buddy wakes up from his coma soon. Laurel and Sara seem to be getting along and Laurel even offers both Sara and Oliver some advice that is actually good for both of them.

We see Oliver finally open up to someone and tell why he is doing crazier, riskier things. I like this new team. We also see Slade one step ahead of Oliver in several ways. We also see a video of Shado playing which leaves me with a ton of questions, like where did that come from? I thought he knew her just from the island, but this video doesn’t look like the island. Also, Oliver goes to see Amanda Waller and tells her about Slade. Color her surprised and color ME surprised that they knew each other and have worked together in the past. Apparently their work involved Slade and she helped take him down before. She has someone in mind to help, and I can’t quite make out the who from the video and the name she says. Looks like we have another superhero coming to town.

We have not seen Gold in several weeks, or Blood for that matter. We see a lot about Moira and the mayoral race, and now with Slade contributing, what happens to Blood’s race?


For a look at the producer’s preview of this episode, take a look!

Arrow: Deathstroke

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Arrow: Deathstroke

Arrow: Deathstroke

Source: CW

Source: CW

Flashback to Thea finding Roy kissing another girl and leaving brokenhearted. This unfortunately leaves her open to accepting a ride with Slade who drops her off to face the masked man that I assume is Blood.

Flashback to Sara working on the island to determine how to get Oliver back from Slade off the ship.

Oliver works with Roy on his aim, and Felicity reminds Ollie he has a board meeting and needs to at least show up. He finds he is early as Isabel gives him a time that is 30 minutes earlier since he is always running late. They note that they have an unconventional arrangement but it works.

Just then Moira shows up looking for Thea and asking him to show up for the debate. At the debate Blood notes she may be late because his police escort may be holding her up with the traffic gridlock. However, during the debate there is a surprise video question from Thea that shows her being held captive.

We see a few shots of the family working with police to find her. When asked if they have any idea who took her, Moira flashes to thoughts of Merlin, and Oliver thinks of Slade. Roy and Diggle show up and Oliver hands over temporary control as CEO to Isabel to select board members.

Back at the secret lair Feclity has found video of Slade’s car outside the club. They track it down by GPS and acknowledge that it is too easy. Slade is there waiting, and they get him arrested to find it is a set up. He has “proof” that he was out of the country and just returned.

Officer Lance is in trouble for bringing him in and the police let him go. While getting the release papers Oliver talks to Slade about how he got off the island. We find out he swam. There are details, but ultimately the miricuru regenerated everything but the eye he lost.

The team follows Slade leaving the precinct and everyone loses him. Slade outsmarted them. He gets back to Thea just to let her go. But says if she leaves she won’t know the truth about her brother. So she apparently stays behind to find out.

Roy blames Oliver for forcing him to break up with Thea, and leave her heartbroken and alone, when just before Oliver had told Roy not to leave her alone, to protect Thea. He is still angry. The team tries to reason with Roy, but it doesn’t work and Roy leaves.

Moira is upset for the loss and the lies and has a deep conversation with Oliver about how she has justified the stories and the lies and protecting him. As parents we worry about what the world will do to our children but we don’t think about what we will do to them, that we are our own worst enemy.

Flashback to Slade bringing Oliver back to Sara and team. He realizes they tried to set up a bomb to kill him thanks to some super olfactory senses with his new abilities.

Roy goes up against Sara and Dig. Roy puts Dig down and Sara puts an arrow towards him to stop hurting her friend. Oliver shows up and screams for him to stop. Roy tells Oliver that he believed in him, but not anymore, and leaves. Felicity gets info and reacts. Oliver nexts shows up at Queen consolidated and asks for the board meeting to be cleared. He asks Isabel what she is doing. She just was granted full permanent authority of the company by the board and we find out she is working in partnership with Slade. Sins of the father are the sins of the son, she says. They fight and she tells him where he is supposed to meet Slade.


He goes off to save Thea against a bit of an army, and Slade isn’t there! Neither is Thea, who we see is safe as she walks into the police precinct. Slade is releasing a transport of prisoners and offers them a deal.

Oliver shows up at the precint with Moira to see Thea. She tells them she knows their secret that Malcolm Merlin is her father. How could they lie to her?

Blood, Slade, and Isabel watch the news and see Thea’s capture projected Moira in the mayoral race. Blood is angry but Slade says he promised him the city, and he will give him an army to deliver the city to Blood. Isabel tells how she has dedicated the Applied Science decision to the serum to replicate Slade’s blood.

Flashback- Slade hears Shado tell him death is too good for them. The island will be their punishment, and leaves.

Current day- at the precinct. They tell Lance that he is not going to be charged if he can give up the vigilante, aka The Arrow, but he doesn’t know his identity, so they arrest him. Sara is there, and sees it go down. We see Roy leave town, and Oliver goes to the liar. The team supports Ollie when he says Roy is right, Slade doesn’t let him think clearly. He makes poor decisions and is distracted. They remind him they are a team and he is not alone. It’s time to go after Slade now instead of waiting.

They do find that Thea points to Slade Wilson, so even though Lance was right, and is still arrested, Slade disappears, but there is a warrant out for his arrest.

Slade shows up at Laurel’s apartment just to drop the bomb to her that Ollie is the Arrow. She is struck dumb, and Slade leaves.

Wow, now what?

Arrow Recap: Seeing Red

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Arrow Recap: Seeing Red

Arrow:Seeing Red

Roy is still unconscious laying on a table while they are hoping and praying for a cure for miricuru. Felicity says they are working on it. Roy wakes up sort-of and starts flipping stuff in the room and runs out. Dig tries to chase him but he is lost. Felicity talks about how the Fortune 500 CEO has disappeared for over a week and no articles have come out about it, speaking about Isabel.

Ollie and Sarah are in bed in a hotel room talking about moving in together and not having any money. The phones start going off. Felicity calls them back and fills them in. They leave to find Roy. Felicity says it looked like Roy but it wasn’t Roy.

At Queen mansion Moira gives an interview about how her candidacy has pulled past Blood. She speaks of the well assembled machine she runs, and being a mom. Cue, Thea comes by to say she can’t use Verdant and she halts the interview. They have words, with Moira finally reminding her she signed a contract. It doesn’t end well, and her campaign manager tells her to separate herself to be a candidate and not a mother right now.

Ollie has flashback in queen mansion of being with laurel and being upset. Laurel leaves and tells his mom that he messed up and got her pregnant. Not Laurel.

Felicity picks up a call out over the police scanner about 4 people assaulted by a man in a red hoodie. They head over to find one man barely standing. We next see Roy passing by Sin who notices he is not himself and when some guys nearby think he is causing trouble, she tries to get them to back off and leave him alone, but they don’t and they end up badly hurt. Sin gets knocked down as well. Roy walks off without flinching.

Campaign Headquarters Ollie has a showdown with Thea. They talk about protecting her. Sin comes in and tells Sarah about Roy hurting her and needing help, needing a friend.

Flash to Moira telling Blood she will concede the race to him. Her daughter needs her.

Roy is tracked heading East. They speculate to Queen Mansion, but Sin calls and says he is at her place. They go there and he beats up Ollie and Sarah pretty good, punches a hole in the floor and leaves. He kills a police officer that try to prevent him from leaving in front of Sin. Sarah and Ollie can’t stop it.

Diggle and Thea have a talk while he is protecting her. She sees the video of Roy attacking the police officers on TV. She leaves to go see a friend and says that Diggle should follow her.

Ollie is hurt and trying to find Roy before the police do. Sarah is mad, furious and wanting to take him out. She leaves. Ollie and Felicity chat about Sarah and finding hope.

Thea shows up to see Sin who fills her in partially. They try to figure out what to do. Flash to Roy hearing Thea and turning. She has a monologue about whats happening to him being her fault. You find out he is hallucinating it, and seems like he may plan to kill her. He feels she is the reason he is hurting and hurt someone back.

Ollie is having a chat with him mom about not dropping out of the race. He encourages her to not give up. He pep talks her. She tells him she knows, has known for a year. She is proud of him.

Flashback to the dealing of Ollie’s knocked up girl. You gotta see it. I can’t tell you.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Moira then starts her speech in present day. She does not concede the race. Thea steps up and gives a mini speech basically telling Roy where they are. He shows up, and beats the heck out of people. Diggle is hurt. Roy has his hands around Thea’s neck. Sarah comes up with a gun. They take him down but not out. Diggle and everyone is ok. Sarah and Ollie talk over Roy about how she was about to kill him, wanted to kill him. She doesn’t think she can get her soul back. She leaves to see an old friend.


Ollie and Moira and Thea finish a police report, and Moira covers for Ollie being gone during the fight. Thea calls him out for knowing about Roy and trying to protect her. She doesn’t know the half of it. She calls them out for keeping secrets to protect her, but they are hurting her more. Moira starts to tell them about Malcolm, and Crash!


Slade did it. He has Thea and Moira set up the same way Sarah and Shado had been and wants to make him choose again. I can’t tell you how it works out. Ollie is in tears begging, just like the first time. Scene ends with the 3 Queens together in the woods. My heart is still racing.


The episode brings in to question all the things we do as parents. Protect, defend, sacrifice, fight. Is it the right thing or wrong thing? Do we fix their mistakes or let them suffer through it? Would people without the money to make things happen do the same thing in the same situation, or are the choices easier because they don’t have money. Parenting is hard. Loving and understanding and trusting your parents is too.