Arrow: Suicide Squad

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Arrow: Suicide Squad
Source: CW

Source: CW

We start off this episode of Arrow seeing more flashbacks, I have already accepted this is the norm. There are five years of island living to catch us up on, after all. This week’s flashbacks are more to show us Diggle. He gets more action outside the Sterling City crew. I am still just relieved to see Diggle around. Lila shows back up for a booty call, and Diggle and Lila get pulled into helping the world with a terrorist issue, thanks to Amanda Waller and Task Force X. Their team is made up of a crew of criminals, hence the name Suicide Squad as these criminals are considered expendable assets. Included in that criminal mix is Schrapnel, Bronze Tiger, and of course, Deadshot. I like seeing how they pulled out that relationship and give three characters further depth.

Diggle’s past and the mission

We get to see how Diggle and Lila met, alongside flashbacks of some of Diggle’s ghosts. They argue, work together, and challenge each other. You see why they split up, but that there is still feeling there. Their current adventure has them targeting a nerve agent in the basement of a terrorist that Diggle had saved from being killed while in military action. Qadir was in custody, but was released due to humanitarian work. He has well hidden his true agenda with arms and terrorism work. Suicide Squad members have bombs implanted in their heads that are used to control or destroy them – depending on if they take off on their own mission. We find this out because one of the team members does just that. Diggle once again saves Qadir, this time from a fake assassination attempt, which earns him an invite to Qadir’s home for a party. His team gets in posing as his security staff and Deadshot locates the nerve serum. It is much more than they were told, and they are instructed to leave Deadshot with eyes on the serum, but for the others to leave.

We find out that Amanda knew it was that much all along and planned to sacrifice Deadshot and use a drone to take it out. Diggle and Lila decide not to follow that plan. Diggle saves Deadshot and they clear out the party attendees before they are killed. We find out how the drone was tracing the area when the drone starts following them instead of taking out the home of Qadir.

Back in Sterling City

Otherwise known as Oliver and the triangle with the Lance girls. Sara and Oliver make a solid choice because they know each others’ demons and secrets. Their history makes so much more sense. She also knows his secret identity and works alongside him. Poor Felicity though, I just hope our buddy wakes up from his coma soon. Laurel and Sara seem to be getting along and Laurel even offers both Sara and Oliver some advice that is actually good for both of them.

We see Oliver finally open up to someone and tell why he is doing crazier, riskier things. I like this new team. We also see Slade one step ahead of Oliver in several ways. We also see a video of Shado playing which leaves me with a ton of questions, like where did that come from? I thought he knew her just from the island, but this video doesn’t look like the island. Also, Oliver goes to see Amanda Waller and tells her about Slade. Color her surprised and color ME surprised that they knew each other and have worked together in the past. Apparently their work involved Slade and she helped take him down before. She has someone in mind to help, and I can’t quite make out the who from the video and the name she says. Looks like we have another superhero coming to town.

We have not seen Gold in several weeks, or Blood for that matter. We see a lot about Moira and the mayoral race, and now with Slade contributing, what happens to Blood’s race?


For a look at the producer’s preview of this episode, take a look!

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