Arrow: State Vs Queen

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Arrow: State Vs Queen

Arrow: State Vs. Queen

Ok, so are you up to date? My husband came in part way into watching this week’s episode of Arrow and was confused to see The Count back with Vertigo. He thought I was watching an old episode, which would not be unusual. But, unfortunately, yes. The Count was back. It is just part of the story though. As the episode title tells us, we deal with the trial of Moira Queen and her part in the destruction of The Glades. It is a tough trial. Surprises pop up and we learn Moira’s secret. It is difficult to watch Laurel put into that position and walk a fine line between her job and her connection with the Queen family. You feel so bad for Laurel right now with all she is dealing with, that this pushes her over the edge. Her small chat with Oliver shows you that she is struggling even deeper, because personally, I couldn’t understand why she was THAT upset about the “trump card” and what she had to do for the case against Moira.

State v. Queen

Here is my one beef with the episode. I adore Felicity. I like Felicity with Oliver, almost as much as I like the Canary with Oliver. I like how Felicity is a strong, independent woman. She is super awesome at the tech stuff and can hack into pretty much anything. She helps Oliver and Dig find the location and details for just about anything they need. She is fearless, and will not back down. She is not afraid of stating her opinion, however she has seen her opinion and what she thought were strong beliefs questioned in her work with Arrow.

What blows me away is seeing her take initiative to go after information and put at risk. I don’t like to see women limited. I don’t think this show does that for the most part as we have great options that represent the strength and skill of women with the Canary and China White. I think they should have at least shown her fight back, put up a fight, surprise them, or something. I get they needed her ultimately captive to create the ending. However, she just played right into a victim role, which really doesn’t jive with her character normally.

The ending was a surprise, but not. What do you think? Were you surprised with the outcome of the trial? Or the surprise guest?

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