Arrow Recap: Seeing Red

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Arrow Recap: Seeing Red

Arrow:Seeing Red

Roy is still unconscious laying on a table while they are hoping and praying for a cure for miricuru. Felicity says they are working on it. Roy wakes up sort-of and starts flipping stuff in the room and runs out. Dig tries to chase him but he is lost. Felicity talks about how the Fortune 500 CEO has disappeared for over a week and no articles have come out about it, speaking about Isabel.

Ollie and Sarah are in bed in a hotel room talking about moving in together and not having any money. The phones start going off. Felicity calls them back and fills them in. They leave to find Roy. Felicity says it looked like Roy but it wasn’t Roy.

At Queen mansion Moira gives an interview about how her candidacy has pulled past Blood. She speaks of the well assembled machine she runs, and being a mom. Cue, Thea comes by to say she can’t use Verdant and she halts the interview. They have words, with Moira finally reminding her she signed a contract. It doesn’t end well, and her campaign manager tells her to separate herself to be a candidate and not a mother right now.

Ollie has flashback in queen mansion of being with laurel and being upset. Laurel leaves and tells his mom that he messed up and got her pregnant. Not Laurel.

Felicity picks up a call out over the police scanner about 4 people assaulted by a man in a red hoodie. They head over to find one man barely standing. We next see Roy passing by Sin who notices he is not himself and when some guys nearby think he is causing trouble, she tries to get them to back off and leave him alone, but they don’t and they end up badly hurt. Sin gets knocked down as well. Roy walks off without flinching.

Campaign Headquarters Ollie has a showdown with Thea. They talk about protecting her. Sin comes in and tells Sarah about Roy hurting her and needing help, needing a friend.

Flash to Moira telling Blood she will concede the race to him. Her daughter needs her.

Roy is tracked heading East. They speculate to Queen Mansion, but Sin calls and says he is at her place. They go there and he beats up Ollie and Sarah pretty good, punches a hole in the floor and leaves. He kills a police officer that try to prevent him from leaving in front of Sin. Sarah and Ollie can’t stop it.

Diggle and Thea have a talk while he is protecting her. She sees the video of Roy attacking the police officers on TV. She leaves to go see a friend and says that Diggle should follow her.

Ollie is hurt and trying to find Roy before the police do. Sarah is mad, furious and wanting to take him out. She leaves. Ollie and Felicity chat about Sarah and finding hope.

Thea shows up to see Sin who fills her in partially. They try to figure out what to do. Flash to Roy hearing Thea and turning. She has a monologue about whats happening to him being her fault. You find out he is hallucinating it, and seems like he may plan to kill her. He feels she is the reason he is hurting and hurt someone back.

Ollie is having a chat with him mom about not dropping out of the race. He encourages her to not give up. He pep talks her. She tells him she knows, has known for a year. She is proud of him.

Flashback to the dealing of Ollie’s knocked up girl. You gotta see it. I can’t tell you.

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Moira then starts her speech in present day. She does not concede the race. Thea steps up and gives a mini speech basically telling Roy where they are. He shows up, and beats the heck out of people. Diggle is hurt. Roy has his hands around Thea’s neck. Sarah comes up with a gun. They take him down but not out. Diggle and everyone is ok. Sarah and Ollie talk over Roy about how she was about to kill him, wanted to kill him. She doesn’t think she can get her soul back. She leaves to see an old friend.


Ollie and Moira and Thea finish a police report, and Moira covers for Ollie being gone during the fight. Thea calls him out for knowing about Roy and trying to protect her. She doesn’t know the half of it. She calls them out for keeping secrets to protect her, but they are hurting her more. Moira starts to tell them about Malcolm, and Crash!


Slade did it. He has Thea and Moira set up the same way Sarah and Shado had been and wants to make him choose again. I can’t tell you how it works out. Ollie is in tears begging, just like the first time. Scene ends with the 3 Queens together in the woods. My heart is still racing.


The episode brings in to question all the things we do as parents. Protect, defend, sacrifice, fight. Is it the right thing or wrong thing? Do we fix their mistakes or let them suffer through it? Would people without the money to make things happen do the same thing in the same situation, or are the choices easier because they don’t have money. Parenting is hard. Loving and understanding and trusting your parents is too.

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