Arrow: Deathstroke

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Arrow: Deathstroke

Arrow: Deathstroke

Source: CW

Source: CW

Flashback to Thea finding Roy kissing another girl and leaving brokenhearted. This unfortunately leaves her open to accepting a ride with Slade who drops her off to face the masked man that I assume is Blood.

Flashback to Sara working on the island to determine how to get Oliver back from Slade off the ship.

Oliver works with Roy on his aim, and Felicity reminds Ollie he has a board meeting and needs to at least show up. He finds he is early as Isabel gives him a time that is 30 minutes earlier since he is always running late. They note that they have an unconventional arrangement but it works.

Just then Moira shows up looking for Thea and asking him to show up for the debate. At the debate Blood notes she may be late because his police escort may be holding her up with the traffic gridlock. However, during the debate there is a surprise video question from Thea that shows her being held captive.

We see a few shots of the family working with police to find her. When asked if they have any idea who took her, Moira flashes to thoughts of Merlin, and Oliver thinks of Slade. Roy and Diggle show up and Oliver hands over temporary control as CEO to Isabel to select board members.

Back at the secret lair Feclity has found video of Slade’s car outside the club. They track it down by GPS and acknowledge that it is too easy. Slade is there waiting, and they get him arrested to find it is a set up. He has “proof” that he was out of the country and just returned.

Officer Lance is in trouble for bringing him in and the police let him go. While getting the release papers Oliver talks to Slade about how he got off the island. We find out he swam. There are details, but ultimately the miricuru regenerated everything but the eye he lost.

The team follows Slade leaving the precinct and everyone loses him. Slade outsmarted them. He gets back to Thea just to let her go. But says if she leaves she won’t know the truth about her brother. So she apparently stays behind to find out.

Roy blames Oliver for forcing him to break up with Thea, and leave her heartbroken and alone, when just before Oliver had told Roy not to leave her alone, to protect Thea. He is still angry. The team tries to reason with Roy, but it doesn’t work and Roy leaves.

Moira is upset for the loss and the lies and has a deep conversation with Oliver about how she has justified the stories and the lies and protecting him. As parents we worry about what the world will do to our children but we don’t think about what we will do to them, that we are our own worst enemy.

Flashback to Slade bringing Oliver back to Sara and team. He realizes they tried to set up a bomb to kill him thanks to some super olfactory senses with his new abilities.

Roy goes up against Sara and Dig. Roy puts Dig down and Sara puts an arrow towards him to stop hurting her friend. Oliver shows up and screams for him to stop. Roy tells Oliver that he believed in him, but not anymore, and leaves. Felicity gets info and reacts. Oliver nexts shows up at Queen consolidated and asks for the board meeting to be cleared. He asks Isabel what she is doing. She just was granted full permanent authority of the company by the board and we find out she is working in partnership with Slade. Sins of the father are the sins of the son, she says. They fight and she tells him where he is supposed to meet Slade.


He goes off to save Thea against a bit of an army, and Slade isn’t there! Neither is Thea, who we see is safe as she walks into the police precinct. Slade is releasing a transport of prisoners and offers them a deal.

Oliver shows up at the precint with Moira to see Thea. She tells them she knows their secret that Malcolm Merlin is her father. How could they lie to her?

Blood, Slade, and Isabel watch the news and see Thea’s capture projected Moira in the mayoral race. Blood is angry but Slade says he promised him the city, and he will give him an army to deliver the city to Blood. Isabel tells how she has dedicated the Applied Science decision to the serum to replicate Slade’s blood.

Flashback- Slade hears Shado tell him death is too good for them. The island will be their punishment, and leaves.

Current day- at the precinct. They tell Lance that he is not going to be charged if he can give up the vigilante, aka The Arrow, but he doesn’t know his identity, so they arrest him. Sara is there, and sees it go down. We see Roy leave town, and Oliver goes to the liar. The team supports Ollie when he says Roy is right, Slade doesn’t let him think clearly. He makes poor decisions and is distracted. They remind him they are a team and he is not alone. It’s time to go after Slade now instead of waiting.

They do find that Thea points to Slade Wilson, so even though Lance was right, and is still arrested, Slade disappears, but there is a warrant out for his arrest.

Slade shows up at Laurel’s apartment just to drop the bomb to her that Ollie is the Arrow. She is struck dumb, and Slade leaves.

Wow, now what?

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