About Jessica

Jessica Ballard

Jessica is an analytically minded woman that loves the sciences and is more than a self-proclaimed geek. Being the statistician for the basketball and baseball teams in high school was as close to sports as she got. Jessica is a wife, mother, pastor’s daughter, and loves living on her small farm in North Carolina. She is a southern girl at heart with roots in New England where her mother is from as the fifth child in a family of six. Jessica is eco-conscious, loves old stuff (read vintage, and thrift stores), and breathing new life into items she finds. Jessica helps her family and others discover alternate food options due to several food allergies in her family. She looks for alternate treatments, and works hard to avoid unnecessary medical treatment. She has a love of books.


Jessica worked as a top headhunter/recruiter for scientists for almost ten years. She loved matching people up to the right job environments for them and helping them through the interview process. She also has over 10 years of chemistry, FDA, and policy writing experience and currently serves as the validation specialist for a soap company, meaning she verifies the equipment, processes, and formulas meet expectation of the plant, customers, and regulatory boards.

Jessica has found a new love of writing and reporting. She has covered red carpet movie premieres, interviewed entrepreneurs, authors, podcast talent, as well as the celebrities. Jessica is available to cover your event.